Transformational stories

Michelle Green

“I really believe you are the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with. So I knew when I relocated to Cornwall and left my 9-5 to set up my own business that I had to find “my people”. 

I was alone, figuring it all out on my own and getting stuck in my own head daily. 

Six Degrees offers support, community, inspiration and much more.

Through diving into what this community has to offer, I’ve been able to:

– transform my belief systems and develop a strong mindset – this is the foundation to everything and developing this has been a game changer for me

– incorporate the things I love into my daily routine. Emily’s ‘7 minute morning’ has been a game changer: meditate, stretch, journal. Just being able to take in inspirational content and then act on it has really created momentum in my life. 

– 🧠 realised, through the work of Jen Corcoran, I’m a HSP which means I am now finally able to not only understand how my brain works, but truly appreciate it! 

– learned so much about hormone health through ‘Win in a Week’ and now I am able to incorporate simple daily habits that are positively impacting my wellbeing today, but also tomorrow and the future me!

– I am now fully able to appreciate and celebrate my uniqueness

– Through connections and support of Six Degrees members, I feel inspired and encouraged do more of what I love every single day 

I’m forever grateful for being part of this amazing movement💖.”

Elle Mace

“Joining Six Degrees has been a breath of fresh air, especially coming from somebody who has worked in a corporate industry for many years prior to running my own business.

I run my own business as well as being a mum to three young children and Six Degrees has been such a support for me – to have people there for me, when I need them most is so uplifting. Tapping into the online and in-person events means I get to take time out for myself making me feel I am still “in the mix”, it also means I am still socialising with everyone and growing my business at the same time.

I have made friends for life; we help each other with our businesses which has been amazing because, as everyone knows when you’re running your own venture, it can be a really lonely world. I love that I have a community to do things with, friends I know I can lean on, take walks with and talk about personal stuff with too. It is such a rounded experience, which I love.

Six Degrees has opened doors for me in terms of other connections – so whether they’re a member of Six Degrees or a contact through Six Degrees Members, it has felt really effortless to find the people at the “top” that I needed to speak to which has enabled me to help launch a Nationwide project – this has all happened through Six Degrees!”

Elle Mace

Shannon Dymond

“I’ve always been one of those people that, in the back of my mind, knew I wanted to do more, to be more. 

There’s always been a longing to progress my life and reach my true potential, yet, I always seemed to put this on the back burner.

I’d almost just sit back and hope things would fall into place, but Six Degrees has highlighted how I can find what’s going to make me truly happy and flourish.

I love-love-love the online ‘Win in a Week’ sessions – it means if I have to miss a live session, I can just catch up with the recordings when I have a spare minute and they really get me excited! I love filling in the workbook and also hearing about other women’s transformations, I find this super inspiring – knowing you’re not alone, you’re joining scores of other women also creating momentum in their lives too.

✨ There have been so many transformational moments since joining Six Degrees, here are a few of my highlights:

  1.     Cut down on drinking alcohol – not only has this helped me lose the weight I wanted to shift but it’s also helped me save money too. It’s now something I can look forward to and enjoy on special occasions. 
  2.     Improving my nutrition – since watching one of the Win in a Week sessions with Pauline Cox, I’ve been more mindful about what I eat and have started taking vitamins every morning. This is helping to improve my general health but is also helping me to tackle being tired all the time (which admittedly is something I’m still working on). 
  3.     Self belief – I always have on-and-off stints of ‘I’m amazing, I’m smashing it’ and ‘sh*t, can I actually do this?’ which I think comes from often being in a room of business people who have been in the game A LOT longer than me. I’ve noticed lately that I find it easier to snap out of this mindset and remind myself of everyone’s own journey and to be proud of what I’ve achieved at my age, including having a full-time job at Daneswood as well as setting up my own side hustle beauty business. 
  4.     I’ve put together an honest list of the little things that actually make me happy and have added a few things to each point of how I can achieve them. Even things as little as not feeling guilty for saying no to things I really don’t want to do but used to say yes to for the hell of it. I’m also planning to redecorate my at-home office to create a space that keeps me focused and motivated is something I’m looking forward to working on when I move into my new house (eeeek, also something big that’s happening, our first home <3).

To any woman out there that resonates with my story, take the leap with Six Degrees – it is well worth the monthly investment!

Kerry England

“To say the last seven years have been a rollercoaster would be an understatement. The plot twists have been intrepid! I faced the heartbreaking loss of my daughter, who was stillborn at 38 weeks. This was my first encounter with deep grief, and it significantly altered my perspective on life. During this period, I also stepped into the role of a caregiver for my mother, who fell seriously ill, until her passing two years later.

Until then my approach to life had always been one of ‘winging it’, but these experiences revealed the inadequacy of that mantra and I threw myself into being a mum and marketer. I first came across Six Degrees through my job as a professional services marketing professional and could never have anticipated the profound personal growth that would follow from joining this community. I have found new confidence, a sense of belonging and timeout to find real joy! 

During my time at Six Degrees I have graduated from the CIM and have become a Director. Watch out world there’s more I want to do! 

There’s so much to say but here’s three things I love about Six Degrees.

1 Accountability! I am a self-proclaimed flitter so embracing the Six Degrees concept of accountability is outstanding! I know that I set goals, get bored and bounce off to the next thing. I love that Six Degrees gives accountability to make sure you actually achieve and celebrate. Their win in week is a perfect example.

2 Friendship – With so many lovely ladies in one place it is a real opportunity to meet new people outside your normal sphere. After years of corporate networking it really felt different, that it was ok to be yourself. And with the community growing everyday, it isn’t unusual to find a friendly six degree member at other events.

3 Opportunities – Embracing this community has brought so many opportunities from blossoming business connections, lucrative collaborations, discovering beautiful venues and learning new things.

It may sound clichéd, but I have found my very own cheerleaders. The positive energy and the genuine support from this community have been transformative. Being surrounded by people who not only inspire through their stories and expertise but encourage and cheer you on. It is a powerful experience that cannot be overstated. This journey with Six Degrees has been an unexpected path to personal growth, I now have positive goals and a renewed sense of self.

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