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03/07/2024 8:00 am


Hello and welcome to Six Degrees - a digital membership community for growth minded women

Six Degrees is home to like-minded women where you can connect, grow and create opportunity

Are you a woman feeling lost, lonely, unfulfilled? Struggling to find your tribe, your space to grow, to be yourself? Craving more from life but don’t know where to find it? We hear you.

We are a community of growth-oriented women just like you, seeking connection, collaboration, and a chance to become the best versions of ourselves. Here, you’ll find a place where authenticity reigns, where you can step away from your daily roles and invest in yourself.

We offer inspiring activities, peer support, and a space to challenge your limiting beliefs. We’re not just another stuffy, uninspiring group; we’re a vibrant community encouraging you to be your true self. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a start-up entrepreneur, we’re here to stand by you, cheering you on, enveloping you in love, support, and kindness.

Imagine the confidence, the sense of worth, and the excitement of steering your life in a new direction. And it all starts here. Join us, take the leap, and start creating the opportunities you deserve.

why we exist





Are you ready to embark on a journey of inspiration, growth, and transformation?

Our core values are the foundation of our community:

Supportive: We’re your cheerleaders, always here to listen, respect, and provide the help you need.

Inclusive: We believe in equity and accessibility for all, fostering a diverse and welcoming environment.

Friendly: No egos, no BS – everyone is treated equally, and we promise to have fun along the way.

Authentic: We value openness and honesty, offering a real and genuine community.

Collaborative: We operate as a team where everyone wins, promoting collaboration and shared success.

Growth Mindset: Our focus is on personal and professional growth, always moving forward.

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The online Win in a Week session was energising and enlightening… I loved connecting with this wonderful tribe of encouraging women!”

Chantelle Znideric

“It was reassuring to learn I’m not the only one nervous about pitching. Six Degrees provided great insight into how to structure a 60-second pitch with really practical advice and real-life examples. I’m excited to put everything into practice!”

Alison Logan

“I’m not a networking lover. I don’t do it. But something attracted me to Six Degrees, and I trusted it. And, as always, my inner sense was right. I loved our morning. Very easy conversation. It felt natural. Like at a party 🎉 nothing intrusive or forced. It flowed.”

Kate Clark

“Not gonna lie, I’ve been muddled and anxious and terrified about finances in the short term. But I left the Six Degrees feeling grounded and centred after sharing words I didn’t realise I needed to say and taking the courage to not put my best business face on and pretend it is all ok when really it isn’t. I met some seriously fantastic women last week (always happens at a Six Degrees event!). And after a few unexpected tears as I sat back at my desk, I put the positive pants back on and they’re still here… and with a couple of small wins, the panic is starting to recede. I’m thankful and grateful for the community and contact of the tribe you’re helping us all find.”

Rachel Hammond

“Its is a wonderful space for women to be women, whatever that means to them.”

Juanita Dellaway

“I am really delighted I found this wonderful group.”

Petra Aubert

“Six Degrees is my absolute favorite networking group in Exeter.”

Rosie Parsons

“A network of inspiring and like minded women who are passionate about their careers, looking to expand their network, collaborate, share ideas and most importantly, support each other.”

Alice Humphreys

“I haven’t been to a networking event for years, they never inspired me, I actually used to dread them. Today I went to my first six degrees event and what a difference! I couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome, it was positively joyful, filled with inspiring, dynamic women. I have to say it is the best networking event I have attended in my 30 years of working! Fabulous.”

Kate Tilston

“The first ‘networking’ I’ve been to where I’ve felt fully welcomed by everyone in the room. It was the safe space I needed. I feel empowered and focussed after just a couple of events. Bring it on!”

Rhiannon Bates

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