Time to Manifest and Get What You Want

Manifesting in some circles has a bad reputation for being ‘woowoo’ or simply a wish list.

The word ‘manifestation’ means to create something, or turn something from an idea, into a reality.

There doesn’t have to be a time limit for a manifestation.

If you are looking for simple steps to manifesting what you want in life, start with these:

  • Like attracts like. If you want more meaningful relationships, put effort in to cultivating meaningful relationships. If you want to receive kindness, make sure you are showing kindness wherever you can
  • Seeing is believing. Visualise in detail what it is you want to have, be or do. Be specific. Our brains don’t know the difference between reality and imagination, which is why our bodies react to a scary movie, the same way they would if we were scared by a real life situation.
  • Find a way to manage self doubt – stop talking yourself out of believing it is possible.
    Be kind to yourself without exception.
  • Ask yourself how you would stand, react or behave if you had already gained of achieved what you are manifesting. Take on that persona, don’t wait.
  • Be prepared to take on challenge or roadblocks that come up. You are being tested on how much you want it.
  • In everything you do, have gratitude. Things are either a blessing or a lesson.
  • Be inspired by others, don’t compare your journey to others.
  • Trust the process
  • Don’t quit on your desire or on yourself


Focus of the week

What thought, idea or desire do you want to turn into a reality?


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