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our ‘why’

We believe that the majority of women feel frustrated and uninspired with traditional ‘networking’. Feeling underrepresented, like outsiders, and deflated from the experience...

Our mission is to create a community where like-minded women can connect, grow, and create opportunity. A place where everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential; professionally and personally. Our network is supportive, inclusive, balanced, authentic, and collaborative. We guarantee you’ll feel inspired, heard, and seen – like you’ve found your ‘tribe’. We’d love you to join us.

What you can expect from Six Degrees


    Forging long lasting connections. Our website, soon to be dedicated app and expertly curated events create opportunities for connections to flourish, where members can engage in meaningful conversations, share experiences, and find collaborators. Connect on a deeper level with our authentic, kind spirited, female only community.


    Immerse yourself in enriching content and experience a transformative journey that nurtures your personal and professional growth. From our motivational online Win in a week sessions to inspiring masterclasses and energising in-person events, we provide you the tools you need to thrive.


    Unlocking your true potential starts here. Find your tribe, deepen your self belief and build community by joining Six Degrees. Your transformation awaits, go from feeling stuck to soaring high, from scratching the surface of your potential to smashing ceilings all whilst building genuine and authentic connections.


    Creating change beyond ourselves. Be a part of something bigger.Join us in making a positive impact on women’s lives through peer support, donations and advocacy. Together we are creating a ripple effect of transformation that touches lives worldwide through charity collaborations. 5% of every membership goes to our dedicated charities Fearless and Female Dignity.

the team behind Six Degrees

    Sarah Jepson

    Founder of Six Degrees

    Six Degrees Founder, Sarah, has been working in the PR and marketing industry for over 20 years and is the CEO of a marketing agency. The visionary and founder of the Six Degrees brand, Sarah has a deep-rooted passion for creating environments and opportunities that enable women to realise their full potential and thrive. Sarah’s passion is to create a sense of community, where everyone is encouraged to feel at home, safe and happy.

our tribe

We couldn’t do this without the help and support from the Six Degrees Board and Ambassadors. Helping to spread the word about Six Degrees and assisting with events and making sure our members and wider community have a great experience, our team really help make this club what it is.

We guarantee you’ll feel inspired, heard and seen – like you’ve found your ‘tribe’.

We’d love you to join us!

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the team behind Six Degrees

    Emily McGuirk

    Emily McGuirk

    Global Mindset Director

    Emily, who has been an integral part of our community as the South West Community Leader and Mindset Champion, has now stepped into the vital role of Global Mindset Director, with unwavering dedication.

    From the beginning she has shared Sarah’s vision for empowering women worldwide and can’t wait to amplify our focus on mindset, wellness, self-care, and personal development for women everywhere.

    For over a decade Emily has been mentoring and supporting people with their mindset and self-worth, from teenagers to 3000 business owners at the Birmingham NEC. 

    Emily is the author of our weekly Mindful Monday emails which are a firm favourite within the community for focusing on ways to grow, manage challenging thoughts and feelings, and how to return to JOY.

    Sarah Taylor

    Sarah Taylor

    Sarah Taylor is the Managing Director of Taylored Marketing and is the creative legend behind the Six Degrees brand, website and marketing collateral. A supporter of Six Degrees from its inception, Sarah has been instrumental in helping us get where we are today.

our supporters

    Rosie Parsons

    Rosie Parsons

    We struck gold when Rosie came on board as our official photographer – she always manages to capture our events so beautifully and we are super thankful for her talent and photography skills.

    Rosie Parsons is a multiple award-winning personal branding photographer who has made a name for herself with her distinctively colourful magazine-style photography. With over 15 years’ experience, Rosie is recognised as one of the top photographers in the UK with clients traveling from all over the world to experience her signature Show Up to Blow Up brand photography experience – exclusively for leading women in business.

    Rosie’s work has been featured in publications such as OK!, Hello! magazine, ITV This Morning, The Telegraph, Red, Devon Life, Professional Photo Magazine, and Photo Pro Magazine.
    Visit www.rosieparsonsphotography.com to learn more about Rosie and her services.

    Rosie Hawkins

    Rosie is an event professional with 18 years’ experience and is the face behind RedHawk Events Management and Consultancy. RedHawk collaborates with forward-thinking businesses to design and deliver creative events that people want to go to; as well as empowering, upskilling and building event teams that everyone wants to be part of.

    Rosie is a firm believer in the power of collaboration, creativity and community – values that felt wholly aligned with the ‘why’ of Six Degrees. She has proudly led on events from a spectrum of sectors and is always striving to keep the purpose and legacy of an event at the forefront of her project management. Rosie has worked with clients as diverse as TEDxExeter, Glastonbury Festival and The Office for National Statistics and loves to bring that variety, experience and expertise to new projects.

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We guarantee you’ll feel inspired, heard and seen – like you’ve found your ‘tribe’.

We’d love you to join us!

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The Generator Hub, The Gallery, Kings Wharf, The Quay, Exeter EX2 4AN


Telephone: 07515 670452


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