Frequently Asked Questions

How many events can I attend before becoming a member?

We want to give everyone the opportunity to try the three types of events we hold before becoming a member.

Are events included in my monthly or annual membership fee?

Events are additional to the membership, yet, when you become a member, you get access to a special Members Only discount on events when we can.

What happens when I have hit my three events trial allocation?

Most women don’t need to try three events before deciding if we are a good fit, yet, should you want to then we will just pop you an email to see whether you’d like to join our wonderful community and talk through the simple onboarding process.

Do I need to own my own business / be an entrepreneur to join Six Degrees?

Absolutely not! This community is for anyone that is seeking growth and connection. So, whether you’re employed, have your own business or you’re seeking new opportunities, we’re here with open arms to welcome you.

What geographic areas do you host events in?

At the moment, we are hosting events in Exeter and Bristol, with Six Degrees branching out to London and Cornwall soon too. Keep a look on the website and social media for dates and launch details.

I’m in the education / charity sector, will Six Degrees be relevant to me?

100 percent! This community is relevant to any woman, regardless of where you spend your nine to five. The women in our community are from a breadth of industries and sectors, from manufacturing, nutrition, to branding and innovation, we have a rich tapestry within our community which is what helps make the community and conversations so interesting.

How many events do you host each month?

On average we host three events a month, including a two hour breakfast slot, a fabulous lunch & learn where we choose a topic that feeds into that months focus and we also host larger evening soirees that generally include hearing from a guest speaker, again, the content of this is linked to the theme of that particular month. We also have sea swimming to tap into as well and we have a Mindful Mondays group too, which brings lots of wellness topics to the fore.

What is included in the membership?

As soon as you sign up to be a member of Six Degrees you are able to create your own profile in our dedicated members area. This lets other members connect with you and find out more about you.

You can quickly and easily book events from the members area too, and you’ll also be able to see who else is attending so you can, should you wish to, connect with them before the event or take a look at their profile to find out more about them, making creating conversation even easier.

In your profile, we encourage members to see this as a ‘show your real self’ section – rather than LinkedIn where it is all about work and with Facebook showing your more personal side, we encourage members to show their ‘whole selves’. You can add photos too, so people can see what inspires you or how you like to spend your time.

We also have sub groups that you can join too, so you’ll be kept in the loop on any updates or things relating to that group.

An activity feed allows any member to post, meaning you can ask questions, seek recommendations or make announcements, giving you instant access to the community.

You also have access to EXCLUSIVE members benefits that are accessed in the Members Area. This includes discounts at eateries, through to FREE gifts such as a free blow dry, £40 voucher to spend and also discounts off events (where possible).

We have Masterclasses here too, on a host of topics too, so there’s always plenty to connect with and learn from and be inspired by.

What’s next for Six Degrees?

We have so much planned! We are going to be taking our events to other areas, such as Bristol, London and Cornwall and we are also launching courses so that our members can continue on their growth journey. From wellness sessions, to getting to grips with business strategy, we are going to keep adding more and more so that our members can keep getting more and more value!

The events look very glamorous, do you have any events that are more low key?

We do indeed, whilst we do like to host our events in gorgeous venues, we promise that all of our events are welcoming and friendly. The breakfast and lunches tend to be a bit more low key as these events have smaller numbers, usually between 20 to 25 people. Evening events are generally anything 30+.

If you’re into open water or sea swimming (or you’re curious and you’re looking for the motivation to get involved!) then our monthly swims are a great way to connect with the women in the community.

I am nervous about attending events, do you do anything to help me?

We pride ourselves on hosting super friendly events. We literally do everything we possibly can – our founder had some pretty shoddy experiences on the networking scene, so she’s worked really hard to create the best possible experience. We offer a call beforehand to chat through the event and we also have a welcome committee ready to make sure your first event, and every event thereafter, is the best it possibly can be.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are upon request and discretion of the community lead for that particular region.

How easy is it to cancel membership?

Super easy, just hit ‘cancel’ and it’s taken care of. We will be sad to see you leave, yet it is our promise that we make leaving as easy as joining.

Can different people from one company attend your events three times each?

It’s simply three events per person or per company, so as long as that is adhered to, we are happy 🙂

Can I join and then book lots of events and benefit from the discount and then cancel membership?

In order to benefit from the membership discount, a valid membership must be in place at the time of the event. If an event is booked and the membership runs out before the date of the event, then the non-members ticket price will be expected to be paid.

What happens if I attend an event and it falls short of my expectations?

We’d be very disappointed if this happened, yet in the spirit of fairness and wanting to always gain feedback, we’d want to jump on a call or enter dialogue to understand and to of course off full ticket refund should this arise.

Do you allow more than one person from each sector to join?

Absolutely! We find that our community tends to be abundance minded, with a belief that there is enough work for everyone. We have several people in the same industry and they actually like catching up and sharing experiences and many have even collaborated.

Can anyone contribute to a masterclass, podcast or in-person session?

We are all about shining a light on our membership community, so we’d love to hear from you about your story or the expertise you have to share. We have a pretty stacked content calendar, yet we are always welcome to hear from people as there’s always so many ways we can get content “out there”. Please just get in touch!

Is the Members Area easy to use?

It is indeed! It’s very similar to other social media platforms, making it super easy to use. The most difficult thing is choosing your profile photo!

How much is membership?

Monthly membership is £30 with a 10% discount for those opting for annual membership.

What type of membership options do you offer?

We have individual memberships and corporate memberships available. Individual memberships will be attributed to one person, whereas corporate memberships give the option to assign more than one person to a membership.

If I have an individual membership, can someone else in my company use this as well and attend events?

If you have an individual membership, this is for the person registered for that membership only. You are able to opt for a corporate membership which allows you to upgrade the membership to allow for multiple persons from an organisation using the same membership. We will consider a request for an additional person to use the membership in special circumstances. This just has to be approved by the Community Lead for that organisation.

Can I bring flyers and leaflets or products and hand these out?

It’s not really our vibe, we are more relationship first, business or ‘selling’ comes once the relationship has been built. We prefer for that kind of selling or old school networking to be left at the front door!

Will I be expected to do an elevator pitch?

Absolutely not! We are anti that kind of thing here at Six Degrees. We prefer a more laid back, natural and authentic connection to be built, leaving that kind of hard selling back in the 80s!

Can I hand out business cards?

You can, although what you’ll probably find is that not many others are doing that. We are a community led club, and whilst there is a lot of business being done between members, most prefer to chat and build connections before grabbing a business card.


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Telephone: 07515 670452


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