Radiate: 22nd February 2024 - 8am - 4pm

Meet and Greet with the Speakers: 21st February 8pm - 9:30pm

What is Radiate and why should you join us?

Welcome to Radiate – a revolutionary and FREE online wellness festival meticulously designed for the modern woman yearning for more balance, simplicity, and a vibrant life in 2024. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey that defies convention, flipping the day on its head to illuminate the profound impact of a good night’s sleep. Radiate recognises that in the cacophony of busy lives, 61% of women grapple with the elusive power of rest. We boldly commence our day with a focus on sleep, acknowledging its pivotal role not just in our daily vitality but in shaping the resilient futures of our minds and bodies. We cannot wait to introduce you to our carefully curated lineup of 16 keynote speakers, each an expert in their field, where they will unveil a wealth of wisdom and practical tips.


Radiate is not just another wellness festival; it’s a promise to guide busy women, the curious, and the wellness ‘stop-starters’ towards lasting change. There is something for everyone and we are confident that there will be some practices, even those of you who incorporate wellness daily, will enjoy diving deeper into.  

With a commitment to banishing overwhelm, each session aims for simplicity and tangible wins, ensuring you leave not just informed but profoundly inspired. From unravelling the mysteries of sleep health to nurturing the microbiomes in our gut, Radiate promises a day of enlightenment, empowerment, and actionable insights – because your journey to wellness begins with a single, intentional step. 

Where else would you get the opportunity to have your questions and curiosities answered by so many experts? Join us as we redefine the narrative, starting with a restful night and culminating in the art of kickstarting your day right. It’s time to Radiate – your life, your way.


Two great events to throw yourself into

Radiate is a FREE 2 part immersion designed to elevate your well-being, connect with like-minded individuals, and empower you with practical, everyday practices.

Pre-Radiate Night: Meet & Greet The Speakers

The excitement begins the night before as we kick off with an exclusive “Meet & Greet” call with all the speakers, our hosts, charity partners and sponsors. Connect with our stellar lineup of speakers who will be sharing some of what they will be delving into at Radiate AND extra exclusive offers that you can make the most of. There will also be the opportunity to join fun and friendly breakout rooms and network with hundreds of like minded women ready to invest in their wellbeing. It is NOT to be missed!!

Radiate – A Full Day of Wellness Awesomeness

Then onto the main event – eek we are so excited! Immerse yourself in Radiate, a full-day experience where we’ve curated the best wellness practitioners to guide you through transformative sessions. Say goodbye to the ‘woowoo’ and embrace practical, daily practices that even the busiest among us can seamlessly integrate into their routines. Expect high energy, impactful insights, and a day filled with self-discovery. Our speakers stay throughout the day and are ready to answer any burning questions you have never managed to ask


And it doesn’t stop there!

The journey doesn’t end with Radiate! Join us for the Reunion Call where all attendees gather to share their takeaways, celebrate victories, and connect on a deeper level. As always, brace yourself for high energy, impactful conversations, and exciting giveaways.

What else do you get?

We have carefully curated a gorgeous workbook that you will have by your side for the whole of Radiate – it will be your ‘right hand woman’, guiding you through each session. There is a full directory of each brilliant speaker, sponsor and host PLUS a directory of freebies and links that are Radiate attendee exclusives.

AND as if that wasn’t enough every attendee will receive the replay for free so you can return to the sessions that really resonated with you and catch up on the lunchtime breakout sessions that you missed.


Our speakers

    Sarah Jepson

    Six Degrees was created by Sarah Jepson due to her feeling frustrated at not being able to find a community or events where she could surround herself with growth-oriented women – often faced with lacklustre networking events, in uninspiring venues and being forced to constantly pitch her business (which she found inauthentic and, well, a bit cringe), she decided to start her own community, one where authenticity, fun, collaboration and vibrancy reigned. Sarah has a deep-rooted passion for creating environments and opportunities that enable women to realise their full potential and thrive. Sarah’s passion is to create a sense of community, where everyone is encouraged to feel at home, safe and happy.

    Emily McGuirk

    Emily McGuirk

    Emily McGuirk has taken on the pivotal role of Global Mindset Director for Six Degrees and we are thrilled that she has. Throughout her decade-long career, Emily has mentored and supported individuals in enhancing their mindset and self-worth, spanning from teenagers to 3,000 business owners at the Birmingham NEC. In 2021 she founded Small Steps Big Vision, an organisation which supports young women to grow in confidence and build resilience. Emily is the author of our weekly Mindful Monday emails, revered within the community for their focus on personal growth, managing challenging thoughts and emotions, and rediscovering joy.

    Sarah Nason-Mathews

    Sarah is a MIND BODY COACH – who specialises in Breath Work & Mobility. She has an extensive background in the field of Health & Exercise Science which she couples with her years of study in various forms of body work and Eastern philosophy.

    As a coach, Sarah has been helping people for over 20 years to obtain their health & fitness goals. She is a great believer in a practice that aims to unite the body, mind, and breath through various forms of physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation. As a part of her professional journey she has been a teacher, founded Torquay’s first Yoga & Aerial Fitness Studio, written for magazines and trained people to become accredited in their chosen field of holistic study.  

    In more recent years her role as a Mind Body Coach, has elevated her into the world of super yachts where she has been fortunate to work with an array of clients in stunning locations all over the world. When Sarahs not globe trotting (or at home with her family), you can find her offering 1:2:1 bodywork sessions, somatic healing and various other forms of massage at her clinic in Torquay. Outside of these hours she is in her happy place instructing Yoga Mobility & Breathwork sessions at her local hot yoga studio.

    Sarah’s role as a Mind Body Coach is to guide, support and inspire you on your unique journey into optimal health & wellbeing. Working together in ‘Synergy’ through a blend of health hacks, mindset and lifestyle choices to increase mobility, strengthen the body and soothe the mind.

    Pauline Cox

    Pauline Cox MSc is a Functional Nutritionist, columnist,  best-selling author and co-founder of health food company, Sow & Arrow. 

    With a passion for integrating ancient wisdom with modern medicine, Pauline has extensive knowledge in human science and alternative medicine. Having studied for her first Bachelor of Science in Anatomical Science at University of Bristol, Pauline went on to study Physiotherapy at University of West of England. Following a career in Physiotherapy, specialising in musculoskeletal pain and women’s health, Pauline went on to study for a Masters at University of Bristol in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health. 

    Her most recent Masters level training is in Integrative Medicine and she is now a Fellow of the Nation Centre of Integrative Medicine. As a speaker, author and passionate advocate for natural medicine, Pauline enjoys translating complex science into easy to understand, practical information that empowers individuals to take their health into their own hands.

    Abi Adams

    Abi Adams, a dynamic speaker, mentor, and movement coach, is the visionary founder of Project Woman. Her unbridled passion for feminine health and well-being propels her on a mission to embark with you on an adventure that promises to awaken all your senses to the vibrant conversation that resonates beneath your skin. With two decades of experience in health and well-being, Abi’s journey has taken her to diverse corners of the world, including India and America, enriching her wisdom and knowledge.

    Abi’s profound insights inspire and guide, encouraging you to explore the depth of understanding she holds as true. Join her as she shares the wealth of experience gained over her extensive career, promising an enriching journey that transcends geographical boundaries and taps into the universal essence of feminine health and well-being.

    Esther McCann

    Esther McCann, also known as Miss Manifesther, is a manifestation coach and the author of “Manifesting Happiness”. She helps people manifest success, love, and fulfilment on their terms through manifestation principles, mindset coaching, and energy work. As a result, her clients become magnetic masters of their energy, release their subconscious resistance to success, and achieve their goals from a place of alignment. Esther has been featured on BBC Radio and in publications such as Glamour, Women’s Health UK, and Stylist. She has also spoken for Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival and brands such as Milani and Tangle Teezer.

    Esther and Elle Mace are running a visibility retreat in Tiverton in April, details can be found here: 


    Ruth Ramsay

    Ruth has helped hundreds of adults directly – and many more through her TEDx talk and social media – to create the sexual lives of their dreams. Her 2023 TEDx talk ‘Revamp Your Sex Life In Six Minutes’ has over 1.5 million views and she regularly appears in the press as a sex expert. 

    Her life’s purpose is the recognition of sexual energy as a force for good, rather than one of shame. She started out down this path as a striptease artist, performing for over a decade. She also ran events; taught striptease; wrote about sex; and helped set up the first union for adult workers in the UK. Ruth is an award-winning activist, believing that education, recognition and respect as a sexual being is a human right.

    Now she combines this passion and vast life experience with a coaching diploma (recognised by the International Coaching Federation). She supports coaching clients in understanding sex, desire and their bodies; who they are sexually; what they need for epic pleasure; and how to communicate this to partners.

    Teri MacGilbert

    Teri MacGilbert (AKA Sassy Sober Mum) is a qualified Life Coach and sobriety specialist, concentrating on emotional sobriety & mindset as the key to fulfilling long-term sober success. 

    Teri, who is close to turning 5 years sober, is the founder of Thrive Sober Online Community, a supportive and safe space for women to connect and grow in sobriety, as well as a UK top 10 Podcast show host of ‘Sober Stories from Everyday People’. She has just recently launched her new Thrive Sober Online self-paced course for those seeking guidance and tools in achieving emotional sobriety, and coaches people one to one for six weeks or 100 days. 

    She is passionate about all things sober, all things nature and loves keeping fit and playing sports. Teri lives on the south coast in Dorset with her 3 young daughters, her husband, and her cat Charlie.

    Elle Mace

    Elle Mace is on a dedicated mission to empower individuals navigating challenges in their relationship with food, their bodies, themselves, and others. Specialising as a therapist, Elle strives to unveil the inherent worthiness and self-love often obscured within women. Her focus extends to addressing a spectrum of issues, including eating disorders, dietary struggles, weight concerns, body dysmorphia, people-pleasing tendencies, and the intricacies of setting boundaries.

    In her therapeutic practice, Elle recognizes the interconnectedness of these challenges. Contrary to popular belief, struggles such as “failed” diets are deeply linked to broader aspects of one’s life. Elle is committed to sharing her extensive knowledge, qualifications, and personal experience to effect profound transformations in the lives of those she works with.

    Collaborating with the NHS and various corporate entities, Elle navigates the complexities of clients’ lives, offering support in the pursuit of freedom, vitality, and self-trust. Beyond her therapeutic role, Elle is also a Level 7 business coach and mentor. Leveraging her expertise, she guides and supports professionals in the health and well-being industry, aiding them in the journey from business struggles to success and financial freedom, allowing them to thrive in roles they are passionate about.

    Elle and Esther McCann are running a visibility retreat in Tiverton in April, details can be found here: https://www.missmanifesther.com/soulandstrategy

    Helen McAllister

    Helen is a psychotherapy-led mindset coach and clinical hypnotherapist and she is fascinated by the incredible power of the mind and is dedicated to helping people create and live a life that they love. She assists individuals in reducing stress and anxiety – along with all the accompanying overthinking, worry, and overwhelm- allowing them to create headspace, feel calmer, and start enjoying all of life’s moments again. Helen is passionate about teaching people the skills to handle any difficult situation that life brings.

    Having experienced her own struggle with masking high-functioning anxiety and PTSD while navigating the corporate career/family/relationship juggle, she understands the significance of actively managing and owning your mental wellbeing. As the founder of The Mind SetUp, Helen is on a mission to reduce the shame and vulnerability associated with anxiety and create a home for inspiring positive futures. 

    Using a blend of psychotherapy techniques, the latest neuroscience research, and deeply relaxing hypnosis, she supports groups and individuals in reducing stress and anxiety, helping them improve sleep, become more focused towards their goals, and feel calmer and optimistic about how much life has to offer.

    Anna Hayward

    With two decades of experience as a Sales Director for some of the world’s premier hotel brands in London, Anna transitioned to Wiltshire in 2018, pursuing a change of pace. Her desire to create a business reflecting her passions took shape when she crossed paths with her now partner, Charlotte, during a yoga class. Recognizing a shared vision, they saw a festival as the perfect avenue.

    Anna and Charlotte have woven their passion for the countryside, yoga, health and wellbeing, music, and delectable food and drink into the fabric of VERVE. This annual festival has become a manifestation of their shared values and interests, a magical weekend of healthy hedonism that has evolved into an anticipated event. As they approach 2024, they’re gearing up for the fifth edition of this transformative celebration.

    Sadie Pickering

    Sadie is an actress, VoiceOver artist, musician, energy worker and circle facilitator. Her work in the creative and healing arts weave together in her space holding. The foundation for all she teaches is the cycles of nature, the moon, the sun and our own cycles. She has spoken at festivals including CarFest, sharing the stage in a panel discussion about spirituality with Kirsty Gallagher and holding talks on the cycles.

    Carly Meyers

    Carly is a Mum of two toddlers (Frankie and Margot), the host of the mindset and marketing Podcast ‘Made for More’, and a motivational speaker and trainer. Her most recent achievement is launching her own software platform called ‘Made For More ‘ which is specifically designed to help people monetise their brains with digital products and skyrocket their success and productivity by leveraging the power of AI. It’s pretty epic. But most importantly she is obsessed with helping others take their lives and business to extraordinary levels.

What women are saying about our online events

Join the chorus of voices that have experienced a shift in mindset, a surge of motivation, and a sense of community like never before.

“Six Degrees is a game-changer!”

“I’ve experienced so much personal growth – I’m thriving beyond my wildest dreams”

“Sometimes you have to make time and space for personal development and Six Degrees has been the perfect way to do that”

“Flipping fantastic!”

“Wow! What an informative and inspiring day – and I haven’t even left home!” 

Let’s collectively shift the narrative and make 2024 a year of transformation.

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Supporting our female led charity partners, Female Dignity and FEARFREE

We are passionate about reaching and positively impacting as many women as possible which is why this incredible wellness festival is totally free.

We would however, really appreciate any donations you could make to our 2 partner charities so they can continue their amazing work that truly transforms the lives of women in need or in danger.


£25 could fund a week’s food voucher for a parent and child.
£50 could buy a smartphone so a victim can contact our services

Fear Free

Female Dignity:

£10 per month contributes to paying a Menstrual Educator to teach menstruation in schools, clubs, churches, and groups.
£16 provides a woman or girl in need with a month’s supply of natural bamboo sanitary towels

Female Dignity

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