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A community brought to you by Six Degrees and Pauline Cox MSc

The Hormone Health Club is a space for women to evaluate, learn and become better equipped and better able to manage and understand their hormones, helping women all over the world lead happier, more joyful lives!

Join today for monthly workshops with our resident expert Pauline Cox MSc, take part in invaluable live Q&As, use the bespoke workbook to chart progress, enjoy replays and benefit from a community of women, just like you, wanting to get a better handle on their hormonal health. Today is the day you say ENOUGH is ENOUGH – I am worthy of equipping myself with knowledge!

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“I just absolutely love helping people achieve their best health – achieving sometimes what they believe isn’t even possible to achieve. I appreciate that for many, it is a really complex picture, seldom just one thing – it’s mindset, it’s sleep, it’s stepping outside of our comfort zone, it’s starting to believe that we can live in optimal health and at any age. I am 45 this year and I honestly feel more energised than I did in my 20s.” Pauline Cox MSc

The Hormone Health Club At a Glance

Here’s the exclusive benefits included in the Hormone Health Club Subscription:

  • A monthly live session with Pauline Cox MSc covering a vital topic relating to hormone health 
  • A bespoke workbook to use during the live session
  • Live Q&As during the live session
  • Accountability pods so you can create even more progress
  • Playback features meaning you can access a library of content at your leisure 
  • Access to recorded sessions, and so much more
  • A podcast recommendation 
  • ‘Supplement of the month’, chosen by Pauline, with an easy-to-understand explanation of its benefits and how it can positively impact your life
  • Exclusive discounts to selected third parties

What does this mean? 

It means that each and every month, you will be able to learn more and more about your body and importantly, the supplements, nutrition and lifestyle changes we can make to change the outcome. Go from feeling confused about your body to empowered and thriving all with The Hormone Health Club.

Join today for just £9.99 per month

Join today

About The Founders of The Hormone Health Club

    Pauline Cox MSc

    Founder of Sow & Arrow

    Pauline Cox MSc is a functional nutritionist, award-winning author, and co-founder of low- carb specialists Sow & Arrow.

    With a passion for integrating ancient wisdom with modern medicine, Pauline has extensive knowledge in human science and alternative medicine. Having studied for her first Bachelor of Science in Anatomical Science at University of Bristol, Pauline went on to study Physiotherapy at University of West of England. Following a career in Physiotherapy, specialising in musculoskeletal pain and women’s health, Pauline went on to study for a Masters at the University of Bristol in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health. Her most recent Master level training is in Integrative Medicine.

    As a speaker, author and passionate advocate for natural medicine, Pauline enjoys translating complex science into easy-to-understand, practical information that empowers people to take their health into their own hands.

    Follow Pauline on instagram for tips, expertise and recipes, oh and if you haven’t already got a copy of her transformational book, Hungry Woman, we strongly recommend you do (you can thank us later!)

    Sarah Jepson

    Founder of Six Degrees

    Sarah created Six Degrees for one reason – to create space for women to connect, collaborate and grow. 

    Sarah has been on a huge health and wellness transformation over the past two years which has included going from serial binge drinker to giving up booze entirely (1 year and counting), being utterly afraid of water and jumping into cold water swimming with her pals and hiring a nutritionist to help get a handle on her health which has led to eradicating IBS and lessening menopause symptoms which included consistent joint paid, insomnia, anxiety, varying moods (!) and fatigue. 

    Sarah now says she is feeling the best she has ever felt and is now building on the nutrition and lifestyle foundations in a bid to not only continue to improve her life today, but to protect and insure the best life possible for her future self.

    It is this complete turnaround on the health and wellness front – and it’s brilliant improvements and advantages – that’s led Sarah to being such an advocate and passionate ambassador for knowledge shares on these topics. 

    Sarah explains: “Feeling how I do now – where I have the best sleep, I feel great and now live free from gut and joint pain – I am super passionate about spreading awareness that we can positively influence our own health by understanding our bodies, our hormones and our unique blueprint – this club is going to be life change, I guarantee it! I wish I knew years ago about all of this and how, actually, I was totally able to influence my own health journey, I just didn’t know it! It is time for women to arm themselves with knowledge so that they can go from feeling apathy around their health to feeling totally and utterly motivated – I believe every woman can be a health changemaker. We can do this!”

    Follow Sarah here for insights into the changes she is making and how she is living a life totally driven by her purpose – to empower and support transformations in women all over the world.

    About the collaboration 

    Sarah, Founder of Six Degrees and Co-Founder of The Hormone Health Club, comments: “Partnering with Pauline, a true expert in nutrition and hormone health, was a natural fit. Together, we bring a unique blend of expertise and a shared vision for creating a positive, inclusive, and uplifting community for women. By combining our forces, we aim to create a tidal wave of positive change among women globally.

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